Web Development

Web development is more than just creating a good-looking and functional site -- although that is important! It's also about taking the time to understand you or your business, so that the site suits your needs. We take pride in being thorough, from planning and design to launching your new site.

Web Standards

All our sites are built using international web standards and HTML5 to ensure compatibility, accessibility, and future proofing. Our code is cleanly written, to allow for changes to be easily made, or features to be added, when your needs change.

Content Management System

We build most of our sites using Drupal -- a free, open source CMS. Rather than use a custom-built CMS, using Drupal means that your site will remain secure -- hundreds of thousands of people across the world use Drupal, and they can all work to ensure it is reliable, fast, and safe. It is also incredibly extensible and customisable, so features can be added when you need them while keeping the site easy-to-use.

Search Engine Optimisation

All of our websites are built with SEO in mind, to help you get the most out of your new site. We can also help with your existing website, by optimising it to increase your search engine rating and visitor count.

Continued Support

Many of our projects have created a lasting relationship with clients. We're here to help -- whether you need advice, want new features, or have an entirely new project in mind.

Web Hosting

After we have built your new site, we can also host it -- with a year included for free to get you started. Hosting with us gives you one less thing to worry about, as we monitor the servers to make sure your website is available 24/7.

All of the server hardware is enterprise class, employing multiple redundancy and using VPS technology to make sure that your site remains up even when something inevitably does break down. We also make regular off-site backups, so that if the worst did happen we could get you up and running again in a matter of hours.

We are happy to host websites that we have not built ourselves -- please feel free to get in touch to discuss your needs.

Your Design

We enjoy being able to work with you to develop your new site from scratch -- creating artwork that matches your needs and personalises the site just for you. We know that sometimes people have their own artwork or a favoured designer, so we are also happy to convert your own artwork into a fully functioning, and beautiful site -- adapting anything with you if necessary.

Custom Programming and Functionality

Although we like to use Drupal as a base for our websites, we are fully able and happy to write custom modules and code to add any desired functionality to a site. In fact we have had patches accepted in both core Drupal itself and contributed modules, so we definitely know what we are doing!

We have many years of experience in programming, as well as formal teaching in Software Engineering. Although we generally use Drupal -- and hence PHP and JavaScript with MySQL -- we are also very comfortable in Python and Ruby on Rails, as well as many languages not commonly used for the web!